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What our families are saying:

I have seen so much growth in Graham! He loves working hard on his letters and numbers. I love all the science experiments you do with the kids. Both my kids adore you and we are very grateful for that. 

~Graham's Mom

Your care and patience with been had been amazing , he has learned so much in your school and loves to tell us about his projects).  Last year had been challenging but we always knew he was safe with you .

~Katie and Sam

First thank you so much for teaching and taking such a great care of Eli; he has learned so much this year and comes home happy and healthy everyday. Thank you again! 


Dear Ms. Insaf,
I love you , thank you for helping me learn and taking care of me! 


When looking for a daycare parents want a home away from home. Caring hands and heart that will provide the same love and attention that we, as parents, would give our kids. Junior Bears has done that for my babies and they will do it for yours too. Always providing a family  environment while keeping the focus on nurture and education.


From the moment we were introduced to Insaf, she made us feel comfortable with leaving our daughter under the care of her and her staff. Coming from a toxic daycare setting previously, we immediately noticed a change in our daughter. She attends Junior Bears in the 3 year old classroom. Miss Patricia and the neighboring teacher, Miss Valerie, are often spoken of at home. Our daughter looks forward to going to school every day now. When I drop her off and she's upset for any reason, I often receive communication within an hour via text reassuring me that she's a happy kiddo, usually accompanied by a photo. Our daughter was having frequent accidents at her former daycare, but it was addressed in a very non aggressive way at Junior Bears and it has significantly reduced in a short time. We cannot recommend Junior Bears more, they are wonderful."

I’m not going to lie the first day dropping my son off at Junior Bears was terrifying. My 6 month old hadn’t left my side since the days he was born. The Junior Bear staff answered my 10 calls that I gave them that day to assure me that my son was perfectly fine and having a good time. They sent me pictures throughout the day to keep my mind at ease. Their staff was so welcoming and took my son under their wing.

They continue to ease my mind daily with the awesome Procare app that updates me and sends me pictures & videos of my little man!! 

My son is in love with Ms. Danielle!! She treats him as if he was her own and I know that she would never let a thing happen to him. She’s taken the time to get to know my son, learn his interests, and know when he’s unhappy. I feel extremely confident knowing my son is in her & Ms. Amy’s care. 

Insaf makes it a point to make sure that every parent is aware of what their child does day to day at Junior Bears. She pays attention to the little things- my little boy was teething, she suggested I bring teethers for him to be comfortable while he’s in her care. She also recommended I bring a bib for him so he doesn’t ruin his clothes, and a comfort item to make him feel secure. SHE CARES! That’s so important in choosing a daycare for your little one. 

We adore Junior Bears and would recommend them to anyone!”

~Milo's mom

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